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Gossip: No booth babes for domainers

Kevin Murphy, March 4, 2010, 15:28:52 (UTC), Gossip

Eight interesting things collected from interesting web sites:

  • No booth babes? No magicians? No speakers? No Powerpoint malfunctions? What the hell kind of tech conference is DOMAINFest Europe? At least the beer will be cheap.
  • Speaking of Prague, you can add UDRP to the list of things that are cheaper in the Czech Republic.
  • Elliot Silver wags his finger at Disney for forgetting about the Zuccarini’s of the world.
  • domainer puts evidence of bad faith registration on record in national newspaper.
  • Ben Edelman is not keen on domainers.
  • ICANN launches a ICANN for Dummies podcast. If you’re clued in enough to be reading this blog, you probably don’t need to listen to it.
  • Cool Web 2.0 gizmo for domainers with time on their hands.
  • There are still millions of people who don’t understand that a .info is not a .com.

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