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Domain President? Dicker fallout continues as Schwartz unleashes tweetstorm

Kevin Murphy, June 12, 2017, 18:35:21 (UTC), Gossip

“Domain King” domain investor Rick Schwartz has twunleashed a twirade of Twitter twabuse about deleted podcasts that would put Donald Trump to shame.
Starting late Sunday night and apparently still ongoing at time of publication, Schwartz has been haranguing Michael Cyger, publisher of the DomainSherpa and DNAcademy investor sites, about dozens of deleted DomainSherpa podcasts.
So far, he’s hit send on scores of tweets. A very small sample:

Cyger was the host of the DomainSherpa video podcast, which regularly featured Schwartz and TheDomains publisher Mike Berkens as guests.
Also a regular guest was industry pariah Adam Dicker, who many domainers believe has used shady business practices in his dealings with others in the community.
After stories began to emerge of Dicker’s alleged wrongdoings, Cyger decided to stop using him as a guest. He subsequently removed all previous shows featuring Dicker from the DomainSherpa web site.
Now, Schwartz and Berkens are pissed that the hundreds of hours they volunteered into appearing on the show were wasted, and that hundreds of social media links they used to promote the shows are useless.
The three parties chatted by phone back in March, all seem to agree, about how to resolve this issue.
Cyger says it was agreed that the deleted shows would be replaced by an explanation that the show had been removed.
But Berkens and Schwartz claim that Cyger has in fact been ignoring their requests to reinstate the shows — hence the tweetstorm over the last 24 hours. Cyger denies that claim, and says he believes he did the right thing by removing the shows.
I, for the record, have no opinion on the matter.

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Comments (17)

  1. It spilled into public when concerns were ignored in private and we expected to hear back and never did. That was in early MARCH! We were pretty patient until last week.
    Then on the 7th I think he showed up on my thread on Twitter to PROMOTE his show.
    That upset Mike Berkens and Mike Berkens brought the issue up in public. Not me, so please be factual. Thanks!
    Not sure why none of Berkens’s numerous comments appear here. But maybe they 1 or 2 should to show some context.
    Instead of a response back, it has been radio silence from Cyger. We contributed 100’s of hours and deserve more than a “Houdini act”.
    And please remember, Mike Berkens and I never received a penny nor asked for a penny for our contributions. The advertisers that paid I am sure expected their shows to remain up and so did we. But what made this unravel. is the “Houdini act”. It could have ALL been avoided.
    Seems there was bad judgment with having Dicker on the show to begin with and then again to sweep this under the rug and not addressing our LEGITIMATE concerns. Not the way you treat 2 guys that contributed HUNDREDS of hours to help somebody take in a pretty decent amount of ad revenue and gain a lot of credibility.
    What exactly did we do wrong? He treated Adam Dicker better and he seems to be partially responsible for this mess. We did it to share and educate not to be treated like we are scum.
    We both feel completely used and unappreciated. Glad he was able to make $$$ on us and then DISPOSE of us when we were no longer need. NOT COOL! Not cool at all. PERIOD!
    Also GLAD you found Houdini and he HAD TIME and the courtesy TO TALK TO YOU! Better judgment on his part and none of this would have happened. Very sad! I am totally disappointed in somebody I had a lot of respect for until this event.
    Thanks for more than the 140 characters on Twitter!

    • Garth says:

      Always enjoyed Rick, Mike and Page appearing.
      Rick is the most entertaining to date 🙂
      Shame all that video is now buried.

  2. Roger says:

    The sherpa show was where Dicker was able to find his sheep. I remember the show where Cyger said he said Dicker’s financial claims to some of his sites, and domains, was that all BS?

  3. Rich Norey says:

    Rick’s timeline reads like the diary of a someone who’s borderline psychotic. How on earth he can think that it’s okay to bully a standup guy like Cyger is beyond me.
    It has been pointed out by several individuals on Twitter that he responded to a tweet that was also addressed to him. Cyger even posted a screenshot of it to point this out but it seems that either Rick and Berkens are too infantile to understand how Twitter actually works (that is most likely the case considering their age) or they simply choose to ignore that fact.
    Cyger not responding to your threads is not a disappearing act, it simply shows he stands above your childish BS imo.
    And then there’s the whole argument that Cyger is responsible for bringing Adam Dicker onto the show – how on earth was he supposed to know Dicker was a stealing scumbag when people like you (Rick) called Adam a “good and trusted friend” – Yes that’s an actual quote of Rick Schwartz his endorsement of Dicker on LinkedIn.
    I’m pretty sure Cyger could have made more money by keeping the content with Dicker online but he decided to remove all of it from his site to protect innocent newbies from the Dicker scams, yet you and Berkens demand the content to be published again. SELFISH!

  4. Slavster says:

    Why do you guys care if old shows are up or not ? They’re old shows from years ago…
    A simple solution would be to get the copies of the shows and put them up on YouTube.

  5. Dave Tyrer says:

    I’m actually surprised Rick and Michael B didn’t do the opposite and request that Michael C save them from the embarrassment of appearing alongside Dicker.
    I happen to be a trained film editor, and it’s possible that the shows could be edited down into concise shows with substituted narration and superimposed diagrams & industry images, i.e. edit Dicker out, thereby not be “wasted”.
    Editors have tricks to cover bad footage.

  6. Bill Grogan says:

    Rick is no longer relevant enough to have any impact on anyone, let alone an issue from two years ago. The sponsors don’t care a whit what two old retired domainers think. Rick will rattle his crib for attention, make threats and generally make a lot of noise then do nothing. Same as always.

    • Anunt says:

      “rattle his crib for attention” … hahahaaa…i love it!!!

    • John says:

      What kind of nasty nonsense posting is that? And you are the person behind Seriously? What’s more embarrassing and even bizarre – Rick Schwartz, who sure seems rather splendidly relevant to me, or how you’ve been holding a domain like that all these years?

  7. ☮.com says:

    Not sure what the problem is. It’s Michael Cyger’s show. If he decides to take it down, it is up to him.

  8. Abraham lincoln says:

    Rick and berkens are the few people that give their honest opinions. The haters are either ignorant or new gtld proponents. Stooooooopid people will hate based on ignorance or agenda.

    • Abraham lincoln says:

      But would like to add that Rick and berkens should be understanding and accept that the videos shouldn’t be promoted. Cyger does have a vaild reason for taking them down. Offer berkens and Rick copies for personal use and that should be the end of it.

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