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Another ccTLD plays down the “com”

Kevin Murphy, September 15, 2017, 13:21:35 (UTC), Domain Registries

Another ccTLD operator has decided to allow registrants to register domains at the second level.
Following a trend that has swept the country-code world over the last few years, Malta’s NIC (Malta) said direct .mt registrations will become available December 1.
Previously, only third-level regs under,,, and were possible.
NIC (Malta) said that existing .mt registrants will be able to claim their matching second-level names for free until the end of November 2020.
That’s a similar policy to the one adopted by Nominet in the UK, one of several ccTLDs to allow “direct” registrations in recent years. Others include New Zealand (.nz), Kenya (.ke) and, possibly but controversially, Australia (.au).
There are no residency requirements to register .mt names. Prices are usually around €20 to €30 per year, but NIC (Malta) said prices will be “halved” come December.
If you’re curious about the second-level policy change opening up new domain hacks, forget about it.
Apart from variations on “dreamt” (which doesn’t even pass a US English spell-check), there are bugger-all words ending in “mt”, according to the various Scrabble-cheating web sites I never use.

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