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4Domains customers transferred to

Kevin Murphy, October 7, 2010, 16:53:17 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Customers from the insolvent registrar 4Domains have had their domains transferred to Bahamas-based, only a few days after ICANN told 4Domains it was shutting them down.
In a notice posted last night, ICANN said that 4Domains had nominated as its registrar of choice for refugee customers, which likely speeded up the transaction.
ICANN’s letter telling 4Domains it was losing its accreditation, alleging multiple breaches of its contract, was sent September 30, last Thursday.
A 4Domains customer contacted me earlier this week to say she had received a renewal notice from (which she had never heard of) as early as Sunday, October 3.
That’s possibly the fastest turnaround between a registrar losing its accreditation and the new registrar taking over to date.
ICANN tells former 4Domains customers worried about fraud that any emails they receive from should link only to or
Customers should probably also be aware that their domains are now handled by a registrar subject to Bahamas law. 4Domains was US-based.


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  1. Odd, prior to ICANN there were no Registrars.
    ISPs and people with a clue interfaced directly with the Registry.
    The Registry was run by THREE companies. Then, as now, the cost of manufacturing a domain name in the DNS was pennies per year. The Registry was like the DMV, with similar employees.
    The .NET was a much “better” place.

  2. ST says:

    that is one way to do it ..
    Personally i think the way the how the SIDN handles it is more fair for registrars..
    Registrar goes bankrupt.
    Registrant becomes aware.
    Registrant instructs new Registrar to transfer the domain.
    New registrar can transfer the domain without authcode.
    Domain is being transfered.
    Simple as that. As the new registrar you have to have your reseller or registrar to create a paper trail.
    ie have proof that you acted on the registrants orders.
    This way the registrant can choose the registrar he thinks that shouldbe the registrar of choice. And not be dumped at whatever registrar ICANN chooses tobe.

  3. Mel Klein, President says:

    To Whom it may concern.
    I would like to transfer both the hosting of my website and emails to Network Soulutions….
    Please advise process….thanking you in advance.
    Very truly yours,
    Mel Klein
    Stewart/Laurence Associates
    RE: account_number: 1273
    cp_username: stewartl
    Stewart/Laurence Associates, LLC.
    Executive Search & Selection
    Mel Klein, President
    NJ: (732) 972-8000
    Mobile: (561) 961-4739

  4. Customers should probably also be aware that their domains are now handled by a registrar subject to Bahamas law.

    That’s actually an advantage in these times – USA becomes bigger and biger threat to Internet (check SOPA).

  5. gary gary says:

    i have been paying up until this year 4domains so i am not sure whats happenng i recive e mails and have just signed into there wesbite and checked my details it looks ok but please help never knew anything about this at all

  6. gary gary says:

    is it the same ones 4domains webline services

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