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ICANN outs two more deadbeat new gTLDs

Kevin Murphy, December 12, 2018, 08:00:16 (UTC), Domain Services

ICANN has published breach notices it has sent to two more new gTLD registries, which it says have failed to pay their quarterly accreditation fees.

One is a dot-brand, the other is not.

The brand is the Arabic اتصالات . (.xn--mgbaakc7dvf), managed by Emirati telecommunications powerhouse Etisalat.

With about $14 billion of annual revenue, no domains other than its obligatory NIC site, and an allegedly non-functioning contact phone number, it appears the UAE-based company may simply have forgotten its dot-brand exists.

The other registry allegedly in breach is Desi Networks, the US-based company that targets .desi at people hailing from the Indian subcontinent.

While it’s been on the market for over four years, and has an addressable market of over a billion people, .desi has failed to claw together much more than 3,700 domains under management.

I thought it would have performed better. The ccTLD for India has over two million domains, and the country has a thriving domain market.

With a retail price in the region of $20 per year, it’s easy to see why the .desi may be having trouble scraping together the $6,250 quarterly flat fee ICANN registry contracts demand.

Desi Networks also commits on its web site to donate some portion of its reg fees to worthy causes in the South Asian region, which was probably optimistic with hindsight.

ICANN first sent notices of late payment to both registries in September, but did not receive the requested money.

Both have until the first week of January to pay up, or ICANN will initiate termination proceedings.

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Comments (3)

  1. shaitan says:!
    etisalat forgetting it has its own tld is comedy gold!

  2. imran says:

    Since I belong to the market targeted by the .Desi registry, I can tell that .desi was not a good choice of domain. The word desi implies local, regional or having the country origin. ‘Desi’ was more used in the past century. However, the word has a very limited usage today.
    A domain name for a business or professional services with a .desi extension sounds outdated or backward usage unless the products have to do something with the past culture or tradition.
    The registry should let it got.

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