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After killing the cows, what does the new Tucows logo remind you of?

Kevin Murphy, October 7, 2019, 14:33:08 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Tucows has launched a refreshed corporate web site that features a new cow-free logo.
Judging by a video posted on the home page over the weekend, the redesign is largely intended to make the company more appealing to prospective employees, many of whom were confused about what exactly Tucows does.
It is of course the second-largest domain registrar by volume, via its Enom, OpenSRS, EPAG and Hover brands, as well as a virtual mobile phone operator in North America under the brand Ting.
There was a time when the site was a cluttered storefront, but all the customer-facing stuff has long since been devolved to the company’s various branded web sites.
Here are the two logos side by side.
Old Tucows LogoNew Tucows Logo
You’ll notice the cows no longer feature. In much the same way as GoDaddy killed off its cartoon “daddy” character last year, Tucows appears to be maturing out of its quirkier roots into a more professional-looking outfit.
Warner Music LogoBut what does the new logo remind you of? I was immediately put in mind of the Warner Music logo, which is basically a flipped version of the Tucows’ stylized W. They even have a similar color scheme.
It’s sufficiently different to avoid confusion, of course, but the similarities are very striking, I thought.

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Comments (4)

  1. Myke says:

    Seems to be a trend: Take a look at’s logo.

  2. Firefox Forever says:

    And my first reaction was the new-ish Mozilla logo: moz://a

  3. wanker says:

    at least the cows were interesting. this looks bland and boring. looks like they chose to join the herd!

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