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Go Daddy’s .co promo is a test

Kevin Murphy, November 14, 2010, 21:23:44 (UTC), Domain Registries

Go Daddy is was “testing” the .co top-level domain as its default extension, .CO Internet has revealed.
It’s been widely reported over the weekend that .co is now the first TLD in the drop-down menu on Go Daddy’s front page, but it looks like the news might not be as shocking as originally thought.
.CO Internet chief executive Juan Diego Calle has just blogged:

The GoDaddy test is exciting. Permanent? Not yet. While we have a great and expanding relationship with GoDaddy, we do not expect .CO to remain as the default TLD on a permanent basis. In fact this is only a test to measure conversions, customer feedback, and much more.

Still, onwards and upwards. It’s certainly good news for the marketing of the Colombian TLD.
Personally, I’d be interested not only in data on conversions but also on refunds. There’s bound to be the odd customer who blindly registers a nice-looking domain thinking it’s a .com, right?
UPDATE: Go Daddy is now showing me (and others) .com as the default TLD once more. I guess the data is in.

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  1. i want to buy a Domain .and what need i do

  2. […] couple bucks up or down to measure the effects. Moving .co to the top of the list was just such as test, yet it was certainly an aggressive one. It replaced a domain that costs about $12 a year with one […]

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