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Millions of .cn domains disappear

Kevin Murphy, September 1, 2022, 14:53:48 (UTC), Domain Registries

China is reported another huge dip in domain registrations in the first half of the year, with millions of .cn names dropping.

CNNIC, the local registry, said yesterday that there were 17.86 million .cn names registered at the end of June, down from the 20.4 million it reported at the end of 2021 but above the 15.09 million it reported ago.

Such extreme fluctuations in Chinese registrations can often be explained by the country’s highly restrictive policies, which require registry and registrar licenses and registrant identification.

It remains to be seen how the numbers will effect the overall market trends Verisign reports with its quarterly Domain Name Industry Brief, where the .cn figures often do not tally with CNNIC’s published statistics.

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  1. I just dropped buying Chinese domains. These guys had their bombers to train flying with those from Russia.

  2. yang fajun says:

    .cn domain name registration is cheap, many domain names are registered by investors, but the domain name is not actually enabled! Of course, registering a .cn domain name needs to verify the information of the domain name registrant! This is also a common practice for some country or region codes! For example: .vn .sg .be…..


    .cn域名注册便宜,有许多的域名被投资人注册,实际上域名没有启用! 当然,注册.cn域名需要对域名注册人的信息进行验证!这也是一些国家或地区代码的通用做法!比如: .vn .sg .be…..

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