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Epik replaces Monster with younger clone

Kevin Murphy, September 2, 2022, 19:20:54 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Epik has replaced CEO Rob Monster with a younger model whose Twitter feed suggests could be every bit as controversial.

The company announced today that Brian Royce, who seems to have joined the company as an executive VP last month, is taking the corner office. Monster will stay on as non-executive chairman.

Royce appears to be a newcomer to the domain name industry, but ideologically very much in tune with Monster.

A glance at his Twitter feed for the last three months reveals he dislikes liberals, gun control, murder victim George Floyd, abortion rights, Joe Biden, wokeness, US attorney general Merrick Garland, Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, universal healthcare, Beto O’Rourke, mask-wearing and providing support to Ukraine.

It shows that he likes Christians, free speech, conservative politicians and, at least in May before Donald Trump started being publicly investigated, the police.

“Epik will continue to stand for free speech. It is extremely important to me to see core values of freedom, truth and liberty reflected in all we do at Epik,” Monster said in a press release.

“I am concerned about free speech as I look at what is happening across America. People are actively trying to silence people like Joe Rogan, Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock just for talking and telling jokes,” Royce said.

“More conversations, more speech, more debate—that is what makes people more informed and more compassionate,” he said.

Epik’s line on free speech has seen it become the registrar of choice for many controversial figures and organizations, often those asked to leave their original registrars due to their far-right or violent views.


Comments (3)

  1. boss says:

    that is disrespectful, what clone? robert’s vision lives on.

  2. Chris Ryan says:

    You call yourself a journalist, and yet your targeted vitriol is exactly the free speech that Epik is trying to protect.

    Funny thing about cancel cultures, is that you are one poorly worded article away from being an Epik customer. Free speech either works for everyone, especially the people and content we despise, or it works for no one.

    I would rather live in a world where I click on an infowars link (by mistake), then to have a media outlet taking cues from the Federal Govt. on what is acceptable content.

    That is the story I am focusing on, and I would appreciate your dialogue for a deeper problem that is getting little attention from the “journalist community”.

    /s/ Chris Ryan

  3. Fans of Epik will be happy to know they still have a safe place.

    The rest of us will use much better providers.

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