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CentralNic chief calls on industry to tackle climate change

Kevin Murphy, August 22, 2023, 11:56:23 (UTC), Domain Policy

CentralNic CEO Michael Riedl is calling on his counterparts at other large domain name registries and registrars to meet up to coordinate the industry’s response to climate change.

During a broad keynote at the London Domain Summit this morning, Riedl said that each domain company is too small to make an impact on the industry’s carbon footprint individually, and that coordination is needed.

He said the industry’s carbon footprint is currently “relatively reasonable” but said “we need to get it down to zero… together I’m pretty sure we can make an impact”.

Speaking to DI shortly after his speech, Riedl said he will soon invite industry leaders to a climate change “summit” in Hamburg, Germany, to coincide with ICANN’s 78th public meeting.

He said the domain industry needs to coordinate and standardize its approach to emissions, following the leads of other industries such as automotive.

He said he hoped he could get the CEOs of the big domain companies — he named Verisign and GoDaddy, who rarely send their CEOs to ICANN meetings — to show up.

Planning for the meeting is in the very early stages and Riedl said he has not spoken publicly about the initiative until today’s speech.

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Comments (2)

  1. Lars says:

    Kudos to Michael Riedl for championing sustainability in our industry. This is a great initiative. We’re committed to collective action for a greener digital future. We eagerly await the Hamburg summit to collaborate on impactful solutions.

  2. Christian Tecar says:

    I really want to congratulate Michael Riedl, CEO of CentralNic, that is taking a leadership role in addressing climate change within the domain name industry by advocating for industry-wide collaboration to reduce carbon emissions and planning a climate change summit for domain company leaders to coordinate efforts and standardize approaches.

    Very good initiative! Congrats!!!

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