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Gossip: Blackouts, Dallas and Kanye

Kevin Murphy, March 9, 2010, 16:33:55 (UTC), Gossip

Eight moderately amusing links from the last 24 hours.

  • Apparently, ICANN didn’t trust Nairobi’s electrical grid or its hosts’ generators, so took backup power from the US embassy. All was well until a blackout took out the embassy… but not the Kenyatta.
  • Squatters prefer “www” typos shocker.
  • One-year registrations give you less credibility, if you’re a scammer.
  • Dallas city hall learns the perils of a ten-year registration.
  • .co registry looking for marketing guinea pigs partners
  • SocialDomainers is offering a free iPad to the 1,000th person to sign up. The site only has 20 members so far, so I guess the message right now is don’t sign up?
  • One of the minor joys to be found in quote-mining ICANN’s ruthlessly exhaustive meeting transcripts: “An additional economic analysis has been undertaken, and that is now under way. Economists are – there’s a guy cleaning the window back there. I thought he was waving to me. Has been undertaken.”
  • That was Kurt Pritz, shortly before he got Kanye’d.

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