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Noel Gallagher buys domain name with gig tickets

Kevin Murphy, January 31, 2011, 09:52:46 (UTC), Domain Sales

Former Oasis lead guitarist Noel Gallagher reportedly bought the domain name from a squatter in exchange for band memorabilia and free gig tickets.
According to British tabloid The Sun:

The former OASIS star found out recently that a cunning punter in Barcelona had snapped up the domain name ten years ago.
And The Chief’s plans to get things in order for his solo career were being held up by the Barca Bandit – because he was demanding a small fortune to hand it back.
Noel took matters into his own hands last week. He paid for the Spaniard to fly to London, put him up in a plush hotel and met him in person to thunder out a deal.
And after some serious haggling, and a few Oasis anecdotes, the chancer changed his demands from tens of thousands of pounds – to some signed memorabilia and guest list action at Noel’s next solo gigs.

I’m not sure how much success Oasis ever had outside of the UK. If you’ve never heard of them: briefly here in the 1990s they were regarded by some (mainly themselves) as the second coming of The Beatles.
I’ve never before seen a domain name story reported in The Sun, a notoriously unreliable but hugely popular Murdoch-owned daily rag, so I did a bit of fact-checking.
Whois history shows that the original registrant was from Madrid, not Barcelona, and that the domain was initially registered in 2002.
While the report claims Gallagher flew the squattter to London to negotiate the deal “last week”, the domain actually seems to have been owned by someone at Oasis’s record label since March 2010.
So either the cybersquatter got a free city break, or The Sun is — shockingly — reporting unreliable celebrity news.
The domain name does not currently resolve.

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Comments (3)

  1. Bret Moore says:

    Hey now, maybe he wasn’t a cybersquatter… maybe he has a cousin named Noel Gallagher?
    It must have been amicable, because I doubt he’d give him backstage access if he didn’t like the guy. Interesting story, nonetheless. Probably cheaper than a UDRP, since personal names are somewhat dicey (although maybe this Spaniard would have a tougher time showing a right to that particular name).

  2. theo says:

    sorta reminds me off this one episode of bottom :”Brittish journalism Eddy, best in the world!”
    Eddy :”did you know you can get aids from riding a bicycle ?!”
    Those 2 chaps didn’t like Murdoch to begin with if i recall correctly.

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