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99 super-short .uk domains registered

Kevin Murphy, February 8, 2011, 13:56:42 (UTC), Domain Sales

Nominet, the .uk registry, has allocated 99 one and two-letter .uk domain names to trademark holders including the Financial Times and Manchester United.
Most of the companies successfully applying for short, and domains under Nominet’s recently closed sunrise period are household names.
Most also chose to acquire both and variants of their trademark. Only ten of the single-letter and two of the single-number options were claimed. Yahoo managed to get, which is currently branding itself as, did not receive, despite having a trademark on the term, possibly for the reasons I outlined here.
One of the big winners appears to be a domainer. Scott Jones acquired,,, and
Nominet said: “A small number of contested domains will be involved in an auction phase to determine the successful registrant.”
The first sunrise was for owners of UK registered trademarks. The next round, set to kick off February 14, is for owners of “unregistered” rights.
The full list of domains registered can be downloaded here.

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Comments (5)

  1. theo says:

    pretty cool.
    Seems Nominet learned alot from the Denic expierence.
    All those Germans prepping for weeks to setup their EPP connection as efficient as (lets not make some WWII jokes).
    And then discover some others did it way faster and smarter..
    The complaints went on for months …Even hit German news ADR i believe who did a full documentary about it…

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  4. Da says:

    What do you expect – member (tag holder) of nominet. Most members applied across all domains – over 50%. Have a look!

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