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New Russian TLD hits 800,000 domains mark

Kevin Murphy, April 5, 2011, 15:58:12 (UTC), Domain Registries

Russia’s Cyrillic internationalized domain name, .РФ, received its 800,000th registration last night, according to the registry.
Coordination Center for TLD RU said this puts it 15th place in terms of European ccTLDs, pushing past the Czech Republic’s .cz in the rankings.
That’s pretty good going for an IDN TLD of interest primarily only to citizens of one country, a ccTLD which didn’t exist until early November 2010, less than five months ago.
It’s probably even larger than .co, which I believe has yet to reach the 700,000 domains mark.
The Russian Federation has almost 60 million internet users, 43% penetration, according to InternetWorldStats. That’s about 10 times more than the Czechs.

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  1. yanni says:

    Dot RU is at 3.2 million registrations after years of operation and here comes .РФ 1/4 of the way after 5 months in existence.
    This should put it in perspective.
    Interestingly enough, before the launch of .РФ, most Russian domainers were 100% sure it wouldn’t fly, and they were adamant that there was no need for this IDN cctld.
    Reality check…

  2. I’d put my money on .CO beating .РФ to a million…

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