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Short .tel domains available tomorrow

Kevin Murphy, June 13, 2011, 11:26:20 (UTC), Domain Registries

Telnic has announced that two-letter and numeric-only .tel domain names will becomes available from tomorrow at 2pm UTC.
You’ll be able to register any two-letter .tel domain that has not already been claimed in a two-week landrush period, which ends today, with the exception of combinations that match ccTLDs.
Numeric-only and numeric/hyphen domains are restricted to seven characters and under, in order to avoid clashes with telephone numbers.
The release of numeric .tel domains was the subject of a minor controversy when Telnic first made the request to ICANN last year.
Telnic said pricing is expected to be the same as regular .tel registrations – usually about the same price as a .com domain name.
A list of participating registrars can be found here.

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Comments (3)

  1. Acro says:

    This is the final card in the .tel controversy that TelNIC is able to play. Unless they renegotiate their agreement with ICANN in order to open up this bastardized TLD’s DNS to include proper records, the number of total .tel registrations should become half, each year.

  2. Bunjie says:

    It seems a bit harsh to use the term “bastardized” just because you don’t share their vision of a seamless communications system.
    I do agree they’re slow to develop something that seems on the outside a simplistic system, and I’ve waited long enough for simple features that I could have done on any other gTLD.
    But we’re all ready seeing a huge 22k drop just as 2 letter / 2 number domains come into play, I’m guessing that was greedy investors dumping in order to try to capitalize on them, not from lack of interest in it’s direction, as now almost all including hyphenated 2 letter or 1 letter 1 number domains are taken.
    Which FYI allowed me to pick up a three letter .tel domain I had my eye on for 2 years, and that I would not have been able to get without approaching some extortionate sales site.
    So before you spout a know it all attitude for the back link, perhaps you could let us know if you’ve even bought one and tried to develop it into something of value? or did you fail to even login to the control panel?
    If you actually spend some time, you’ll maybe realize you can do allot with a .tel setup + api up-to and including directory’s for sharing almost real time content, in return for ad clicks or donations.
    But I’m not deluded or blinded about whats going on with .tel, but I’d would not have used the term “bastardized” based on how they want to use DNS technology to look to the future.
    PROTIP, don’t count things out without knowing what’s really going on, hint hint *payment system* hint hint *Global avatars*.

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