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ICANN plans retreat to regroup under new chair

Kevin Murphy, June 19, 2011, 07:52:26 (UTC), Domain Policy

ICANN’s board of directors will hold a surprise, unprecedented workshop or retreat next Saturday, to address the “multiple challenges” it faces.
This announcement just appeared on the ICANN web site:

Board Workshop to Prepare for the Future
Given the change in Board leadership and related changes in Board committee assignments and the multiple challenges facing ICANN, the Board will take advantage of the presence of most of the new Board and hold an informal workshop following the close of the ICANN meeting. The primary focus of the workshop will be the challenges facing ICANN and the coordination of Board and management directions.

The workshop is slated for June 25, the day after both the current meeting in Singapore and the chairmanship of Peter Dengate Thrush ends.
Though his replacement has not been named, it’s quite likely that the board already knows who it has selected to fill PDT’s shoes.
The “multiple challenges” ICANN faces could refer to anything from the launch of the new top-level domains program, its increasingly close relationship with its newly empowered Governmental Advisory Committee, or the threat of more US interference with its functions.
Probably all of the above and more.
In addition, the reference to the “coordination of Board and management directions” may well fuel the scurrilous gossip that all is not well between ICANN’s board and its senior staff.
(via @DNSConundrum)

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  1. “More retreats than the French Army” = the unofficial slogan of the ICANN Board 🙂

  2. […] ICANN plans retreat to regroup under new chair […]

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