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Firefox gives greater visibility to domains

Kevin Murphy, June 27, 2011, 12:52:01 (UTC), Domain Tech

Mozilla has reportedly dropped the http:// from the address bar in the latest pre-release version of the Firefox browser, in order to make the domain more prominent.
The changes, spotted over at ConceivablyTech, would also remove the trailing slash from URLs and present everything other than the top and second level of the domain in gray text.
So instead of
you’d see something like
Google Chrome already does something similar, although it presents the lower levels of the domain in the same shade text as the top two.
The blog reported that the https:// will continue to be displayed for encrypted pages.
Earlier this year, Google was reported to be working on a Chrome UI that dropped the address bar altogether, which struck me as one of the more idiotic ideas — from a choice of many — to come out of the company.

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