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Go Daddy gripe site to shut down

Kevin Murphy, July 2, 2011, 16:45:43 (UTC), Domain Registrars, a gripe site dedicated to discussing customer and employee grievances with Go Daddy, is to be shut down by its administrators.
The shutdown coincides with an ownership shakeup at the registrar, which will see Warren Adelman take over as CEO and three big new investors come on board.
NoDaddy administrator “Rohan” wrote:

What started to document the improper suspension of SecLists.Org grew to cover dozens of other GoDaddy scandals including shill bidding on their own domain auctions, improperly blocking users from transferring domains to other registrars, sexual harassment, constant objectification of women, killing elephants for promotional purposes, etc. We’re hopeful that GoDaddy’s new owners will stop these shenanigans.
While our opinions of GoDaddy haven’t changed, we (NoDaddy admins) have decided to move on to focus on our other pursuits. Accordingly, we’ll be shutting down the main site and the forums on July 8. The site had a great run, and we appreciate your participation over the last 4 years!

In recent months, the vast majority of the posts on the forum have been made by a single disgruntled former Go Daddy employee who is currently suing the company for alleged “wage theft”.
The thread about the class action rambles on to some 147 pages and over 2,100 posts, most of which were made by this individual, going by the handle EmployeeClassAction.
Unsurprisingly, this user suspects the administrators were paid off.

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Comments (4)

  1. Acro says:

    Silly move to close down the site, in my opinion. In other news, GoDaddy parody won’t be closing down 😀

  2. Bob says:

    You can pick up where left off, is for sale at

  3. Louise says:

    @ Kevin Murphy said:
    “Unsurprisingly, this user suspects the administrators were paid off.”
    The WhosIs changed today:
    Domain, Inc.
    14455 N Hayden Road Suite 226
    You are a bit harsh with Toby. He is a nice guy who is fighting back at the system.

  4. Toby Harris says:

    Check yours facts. Looks like Godaddy did buy the gripe site to shut it down. Now they have a serious problem since that website has evidence of emotional distress on it. And that could constitute evidence destruction on Godaddy’s behalf. Tsk Tsk, and with the new Wall Street partners watching this mess.
    The employees attorneys are well aware of this occurrence and it will become a discovery focus. No sweeping problems under the rug here, Bob still has to break out the checkbook and catch up his wage payments. No excuse we know he can afford to pay the employees what he owes and the lawsuit is still pending, with a discovery hearing on July 22, 2010. So keep reporting on the lawsuit, we are still here.
    So the rule of thumb still applies: “If you are gonna do big multi billion dollar transactions on Wall Street and pocket big profits. Make sure you have settled all your lawsuits before hand.”

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