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Go Daddy dominant in .co domains

Kevin Murphy, July 18, 2011, 13:11:53 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Go Daddy is responsible for more than one third of all .co domain name registrations, according to new research from HosterStats.
HosterStats has managed to track down 616,227 .co domains, and found in its first .co report that 32.69% of them point to, Go Daddy’s primary name server doman.
Another two Go Daddy domains, and, handle 3.89% and 3.42% of known .co domains, the report says.
The registry, .CO Internet, does not publish its zone files, so HosterStats does not have stats covering the over one million .co domains that have been registered.
Still, it’s a pretty decent sample size, and probably a reasonably reliable guide for estimating Go Daddy’s .co market share.
It’s pretty much in line with Go Daddy’s overall market share, and comes as little surprise given joint marketing initiatves such as this year’s Super Bowl commercial.
Sedo’s was the second-largest .co host, with 5.21% of the names.
Tallying up percentages from name servers exclusively associated with parking services, it appears that at least 10% of .co is parked.
I suspect the real number to be much larger.

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  1. andrew says:

    That would actually be a bit lower than I’d expect, given that Go Daddy registers half of all new domain registrations.
    It might have something to do with DomainMonster winning so many of the original registrations.

  2. I ran a web survey of those detected domains in June (the 01 June 2011 detected .co domain count was 593,622 and the responding websites figure was 493,783) and the PPC percentage for responding websites was 49.0831% (40.8049% of the detected domain count). This high level of PPC is typical for a new TLD prior to its first Landrush anniversary. However it does not cover all registered .co domain names. There is a cluster of Columbian ccTLD ( etc) websites where there would be less PPC and more development but that would approximately be 30K domain names).
    What typically happens just after a Landrush anniversary is that the percentage of PPC in a new TLD falls as many speculative domains that could not be flipped or monetised are dropped. The developed websites percentage increases but getting development started in a new TLD is a slow process and takes a few years.

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