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Open .co landrush re-auctions — the full list

Kevin Murphy, October 4, 2011, 16:33:14 (UTC), Domain Sales

.CO Internet is putting 100 .co domain names that failed to auction during its landrush last year up for “re-auction”, and it looks like there are a few possible gems on the list.
The company said last week that the 100 names are the last of the domains that went to auction but failed to change hands due to a lack of bidders or non-payment by the winner.
While the first auctions were restricted to only those who had paid the landrush fee, this time around anybody can participate. will again handle the auction.
There are some potentially nice names, such as,,, and
Click here for the full list of names.

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Comments (10)

  1. Alan says:

    IMO .co is dead, yeah some of them sold for good
    money but it never caught on (like .mobi).
    Now we have another gtld around the corner,
    .XXX which is coming 10 years late, to a market that
    is overly saturated.

  2. Jeff says:

    Strange that they waited a year for this to happen. The auction will be an interesting one and provide a good barometer of the state of the .co market.

  3. adam says:

    I think guys from .CO do not have any more real money on advertisements.
    Also, on their site last article IN The News
    “Internet Marketing G.CO, Another Winning Dot Co Domain Purchase” which was submitted long time ago in August 🙂
    they do not know what to write as there are no many reasons to be proud of recently.
    they are talking about development sites but somehow the same guys registered top .co premium domains at the beginning of 2010 and of course all of them for sale.
    But they will pay for this corruption.

  4. hassan says: is one the most disgusting place.
    Their site works exterm. slowly I really hate this.
    So I stop using them.
    Also customer service service is as rubbish as`s one. Ask them anything and you will be waiting ages for reply.
    I 100% agree with adam.

  5. abc says:

    Sorry but that most of these domains are rubbish.
    I do not know how they can put domains like these on the auction.
    People do not want to buy very good .co for cheap on sedo but they are hoping to sell this shi.

    • Disco Ball says:

      Yeah, these names are crappy!
      They chose 100 to be auctioned. Can assure everyone that that is definitely the bottom 100 of the names that were not successfully auctioned off last year.
      I know of others that should be on that list but don’t see them. Mainly because they are premium. For them to test the waters, they can’t risk the premium names from fetching potentially low amounts as this might affect how .CO is viewed as an “investment”. They want to have a build up; Start with the crap and then the more expensive names later on in the future.

  6. anders says:

    Mostly crap. Needs some flair.Now would be a good time to dig out some of the r&r names, and no reserves please.

  7. Chris says:

    nothing really jumps out at me – yeah there LLL.CO are pretty decent, but I would not pay the renewl fee on most of these, let along place a high bid…

  8. Tommy says:

    Most of you don’t get it. Some of you do.
    Try and go buy some names like,, and see what happens. The real people that own these names are not selling.
    People are not selling generic .co because they know what they have.
    Buy generic and you will come out ahead and stop buying 3 worded garbage..
    Tommy the domain king

  9. says:

    ‘…Try and go buy some names like,, and see what happens…”
    How about ?

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