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One-year domains will be more expensive

Kevin Murphy, January 23, 2012, 12:22:40 (UTC), Domain Registries

Single-year domain name registrations will cost more per year than multi-year registrations, under plans outlined by .uk registry Nominet today.
The registry announced back in November that it intended to loosen up its registration policies to bring them into line with other top-level domains.
From May 1, a one-year .uk domain will have a registry fee of £3.50 ($5.44). The price of a multi-year registration will stay the same as current two-year pricing, at £2.50 (£3.88) per year.
Previously, registrants acquired .uk domains in two-year blocks.
Under the new policy regime, registrations can be for as little as a year or for as many as 10 years. Renewals can be for multiple years, albeit capped at 10 overall.
There was a worry that the changes could lead to more people buying throwaway, abusive or speculative .uk domains. A higher fee could go a little way to offset that.

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