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Go Daddy gripe site relaunches with .co domain

Kevin Murphy, January 10, 2012, Domain Registrars

Erstwhile Go Daddy gripe site No Daddy, formerly found at, has been relaunched under new ownership at
The original site opened in 2007 as a place for customers to share “horror stories”, but was acquired by Go Daddy last July at around the same time it secured a reported $2.2 billion investment.
It’s still not entirely clear whether Go Daddy paid off the previous owners, or whether it was legal or other threats that caused the domain to change hands.
The site once ranked second only to Go Daddy itself in Google search results for the company’s name.
The new site,, is unaffiliated with the previous owners.
The owner identifies himself as “AdverseVariable” and the domain is registered using a Whois privacy service offered by Bahamas-based registrar
The new forum currently only has one post.

Confirmed: Go Daddy bought

Go Daddy has confirmed that it has acquired the domain name, which until recently was the address of a gripe site frequented by the registrar’s biggest critics.
“Sometime in July we reached an agreement between Insecure.Com LLC and to transfer the domain name,” a Go Daddy spokesperson confirmed.
I’ve reported on the deal for The Register, here.
I should probably offer apologies to Toby Harris for disbelieving him, without doing my own checking, when he speculated that Go Daddy had bought out the site’s original owner.