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Confirmed: Go Daddy bought

Kevin Murphy, July 12, 2011, 09:52:21 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Go Daddy has confirmed that it has acquired the domain name, which until recently was the address of a gripe site frequented by the registrar’s biggest critics.
“Sometime in July we reached an agreement between Insecure.Com LLC and to transfer the domain name,” a Go Daddy spokesperson confirmed.
I’ve reported on the deal for The Register, here.
I should probably offer apologies to Toby Harris for disbelieving him, without doing my own checking, when he speculated that Go Daddy had bought out the site’s original owner.

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Comments (12)

  1. andrew says:

    Are you sure they “bought” it, or just reached a settlement?

  2. Alan says:

    Not a good idea, it will only encourage people to do
    the same if they have a grip against a product or service. They should have had someone buy it for them
    and use privacy protection.

  3. Toby Harris says:

    Well it is a legal issue now. And the question remains will Bob Parsons stick billions in his pockets and then screw the employees over and make them fight in the Court for what he owes them. Or will he settle? This could determine what kind of person he really is. And he should be treated in the same fashion.

    • Jim Rome says:

      Toby, you have got to be the biggest douche bag on earth. I am still amazed at all of the posts you left on the nodaddy forums. I think there was at least 6 to 10 posts from you everyday for God knows how long. And they weren’t just 2 or 3 sentence posts, they were effing 2 to 3 paragraph posts. They were all the same, rambling, incoherent babble trying to convince yourself of who knows what. With all the posts you made, how the eff do you have time for an actual job? I can probably answer that myself, you don’t work.
      Do everyone a favor and vanish. I don’t know Bob P personally, but I have no doubt him and the other execs at GoDaddy sit and laugh at all the schit you use to post. USE to post, key word. I know I would be.
      Now where will you go to write your daily I hate Bob Parsons novels? Gonna create your own site in hopes to get people to feel sorry for you and read your BS?
      I can’t wait until the day your “law suit” gets tossed out of court. When it does, I hope someone is there to slap you in your fat effing face…….

      • Toby Harris says:

        Fuck You. And FYI WAGE THEFT is now a front burner issue and the government is gearing up to jail these arrogant assholes. But let’s face the facts you are some shithead paid by Godaddy to attempt to spin PR. And the reality is you probably hate the way you are treated.

  4. Jason Carr says:

    Please sign my petition via the link above to have Inc. removed from ICANN’s list of accredited registrars.

    • Sammy junior says:

      Hi; Good show, make sure to gather a petition to make sure ICANN dumps Godaddy or as some call them “whoredaddy” as an acredited Registrar. Their criminal/scam wing is
      Good show all and get this done, bombard ICANN with these requests until they either dump Godaddy or make them comply with ICANN rules. Problem folks is they have their hackers worldwide. Watch out.

  5. Wow, I can’t believe you are still at this? Correct me if I am wrong, but emailing confidential information when you were informed it was against company policy is your argument? What is it called when you keep doing the same thing over and over again with no change in results?

    • Toby Harris says:

      You got it wrong Wallace. When a wage issue is pending the employee is in Federal “protected status” to fire an employee based on a wage dispute, when he produces evidence of that, well that is a multi million dollar mistake.
      Don’t worry or lose any sleep Bob Parsons has plenty of money to resolve the issue, and he will.

    • Banjo says:

      We defiinelty need more smart people like you around.

  6. Another person has relaunched NoDaddy at NoDaddy.CO

  7. jhonkian says:

    I have 3 domains that are missing from GoDaddy. once the service is very bad at GoDaddy ..
    I currently udh domains changed hands to another person without my knowledge and domains has been my renewal.
    1. = pr 7
    2. = pr 7
    3. = pr 6
    be careful if you have a quality domains at GoDaddy should be moved to a better serve and be responsible.
    Jhon kian

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