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New TLDs make it into election manifesto

Kevin Murphy, April 12, 2011, Domain Registries

Welsh nationalist Plaid Cymru has become possibly the first political party to make getting a new top-level domain an election manifesto promise.
Plaid’s manifesto for the Welsh Assembly elections, published today (pdf), says: “We will continue to support the creation of a Welsh cultural and linguistic internet domain dotCymru.”
One of the party’s core goals is further independence from the UK, so it makes perfect sense for it to throw its weight behind the dotCYM initiative.
Wales is, of course, currently represented under the umbrella of .uk, along with England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
dotCYM had planned to apply for .cym, but had to change it due to ICANN’s rules that forbid TLDs that match three-letter strings on the ISO 3166 list, on which CYM is reserved for the Cayman Islands.
The word “Cymru” is Welsh for “Wales”, pronounced “cumri”.
(via @antonyvc)