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MMX makes $100,000 .luxe premium sale

Kevin Murphy, May 24, 2019, 14:49:41 (UTC), Domain Sales

MMX says it has sold a package of premium .luxe domain names for $100,000.
The registry announced this week that it has sold “a small number of .luxe names for a combined value of $100,000 in a single trade”.
Depending on what that “small number” is, the individual per-domain value may not be all that much.
MMX CEO Toby Hall would only tell DI that the package comprises fewer than 100 domains.
That would still put at least a four-figure price on each domain, which I’m sure many domainers would regard as near-miraculous for a string such as .luxe.
.luxe was originally intended to have a connection to luxury goods, but MMX has repurposed it as its inroad to the blockchain space.
Domains are being primarily sold to address cryptocurrency wallets, primarily in Asia, in the Ethereum blockchain.
There are currently over 5,700 domains in the .luxe zone file.

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Comments (4)

  1. Snoopy says:

    These guys are sounding more desperate with each month.

  2. Draft07 says:

    I believe the .com era will be behind us in a few years in favor of these new gtld’s. For an extension that became available the end of 2018, it’s getting more popular by the day. It has around 5800 registered domains so far but I expect it to pick up speed as the number keeps climbing. “space” has the best future tough…

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