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ICANN passes 31 more new gTLD bids

Kevin Murphy, May 3, 2013, 17:49:26 (UTC), Domain Registries

Another 31 new gTLD applications have passed Initial Evaluation in ICANN’s weekly batch of results.
The applied-for strings receiving passing grades are:

.gay, .statebank, .tkmaxx, .school, .app, .thai, .site, .democrat, .holdings, .room, .equipment, .alipay, .merck, .fls, .fire. .cloud, .rugby, .now, .news, .mtn, .bike, .estate, .auto, .gripe, .naspers, .deal, .xbox, .cars, .virgin, .insurance, and .art

There are now a total of 244 applications with passing scores on IE, and only one that did not pass. The highest priority number application to have its results published is 300.
According to the DI PRO New gTLD Application Tracker, which has been updated with the latest results, 179 of the passing applications are uncontested, and 142 of those have no Governmental Advisory Committee worries and no objections.

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Comments (4)

  1. Milo Habbersham says:

    The applications skipped over may be more interesting.
    Would love to know what was different about Amazon’s “.GOT” application that made it the first application from Amazon skipped. Also skipped are McDonald’s applications for “.MCD” and “.MCDONALDS” and McKinsey’s application for “.MCKINSEY” and Cisco’s application for “.CISCO”.
    Both McDonald’s and Cisco have over $100 Billion in market cap each and can provide a reasonable explanation of GAAP.

  2. @ Milo, would suspect it is a problem on the financial section with Q50. Many .brand applications that have passed so far are only getting a minimum requirement score of 1 out of 3 re COI/ LOC. Read the disclaimer notice on the IE Reports . Dropping another 2 points elsewhere means applicants wont get minimum 8 to pass IE Financials.

  3. ChuckWagen says:

    .tkmaxx is a typo? (.tjmaxx)

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      It applied for both. I forget which is which, but one is the US brand, the other European.

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