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Uniregistry is too .sexy for new gTLD objection

Kevin Murphy, June 11, 2013, 07:26:36 (UTC), Domain Registries

.SX Registry has asked for its formal objection to Uniregistry’s .sexy gTLD application to be withdrawn, we understand.
It’s believed to be among the four objections, according to ICANN, that have been dismissed by the dispute resolution providers following withdrawal requests from the objectors.
The ccTLD registry had filed String Confusion Objections to .sexy and to one of the two applications for .sex. The .sex objection appears to be still pending.
While there’s an interesting decision to be had in the .sex case — how audibly similar are “sex” and “ess-sex”? — I’m not sure the same could be said for the extra-syllabled .sexy.
Resolution providers are currently in the process of picking panelists for all new gTLD objections, so decisions are not expected for months.
Note: this is the second and last time DI will use a Right Said Fred allusion in a headline related to .sexy. We reserve the right to mock others who use similar headlines in future.

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Comments (6)

  1. Rubens Kuhl says:

    For the ones born during 80s instead of dancing during the 80s, here is a link to the video:

  2. Us ‘old-timers’ recall a similar complaint that Belize filed regarding .BIZ being too similar to .BZ back in the 2k round.

  3. John Berryhill says:

    Clearly, Kevin, they were intimidated by the motion in my .sexy brief.
    Happens to me all of the time.

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