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No costs to registries from TM Claims extension

Kevin Murphy, December 13, 2013, 20:28:47 (UTC), Domain Services

New gTLD registries will not have to pay any extra fees due to the Trademark Clearinghouse’s extension of the Trademark Claims service, according to the the TMCH.
When the TMCH announced a few days ago that it planned to extend Claims indefinitely — beyond the 90 days required by ICANN contract — a couple of gTLD registries asked me if it would mean more costs for them.
According to the TMCH, the answer is “no”.
The TMCH said in a statement (with my emphasis):

no additional costs will be charged to the registries

The Clearinghouse will create an extra interface that works separately from the existing trademark database interface for the 90 days Claims Notifications (during these 90 days registries have to pay 0.25 USD per registration when there is a successful registration matching a mark in the Clearinghouse). The 90+ interface will charge no such fee when there is an exact match.

The TMCH plans to use other means, such as scraping zone files, to provide the extended service.

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Comments (2)

  1. Vladimir Shadrunov says:

    Surely they are aware that registered domains do not necessarily appear in the zone file.

  2. zhangli says:

    Trademark holders and registries already spend lots $$ ,How dare TMCH want to get more money.

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