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Donuts looking for accountant with IPO experience

Kevin Murphy, February 21, 2014, 17:39:03 (UTC), Domain Registries

Anyone want to take bets on Donuts’ exit strategy?
The largest new gTLD portfolio applicant has placed a job ad on its web site for an accountant with “Understanding of SEC and/or IPO related accounting”.
That’s SEC for Securities and Exchange Commission and IPO for Initial Public Offering, of course.
It appears IPO experience is a desired quality of the sought-after individual, rather than a must-have, but it seems to point to where Donuts plans to take the company in future.
Donuts of course now has revenue, and it’s been almost two years since it raised its first $100 million venture capital investment in a funding round led by Austin Ventures.
That a VC-backed tech company should be eyeing an eventual IPO should not come as a surprise to anyone — and I wouldn’t expect to see an S-1 any time soon — but it does look like Donuts is already planning for its exit when it comes to its staffing arrangements.
(Thanks to Silver Siwei Wang for the tip).

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Comments (2)

  1. Ben says:

    Wow… This company just gets scummier and scummier.
    Reminds me of MLM companies like Amway… All about the hype.
    Hoping for a pump and dump on unsophisticated and unsavvy investors while they go public so that they can cash out their stock and make millions.
    So happy I’m getting out of the “domain industry.” It’s gotten to be a joke of a circus.

  2. Mike says:

    Yes, get out before the drops happen, sell the revenue on the books, based on renewals, SUCKER

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