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.club “will overtake .guru” in week one

Kevin Murphy, March 5, 2014, 15:27:22 (UTC), Domain Registries

Now that we’ve seen how many domain names are actually being sold in new gTLDs, you might reasonably expect some registries to rein in their more ambitious sales targets.
Not so with .CLUB Domains, which plans to go to general availability with .club on May 7.
CEO Colin Campbell told DI today that he’s sticking by his target of selling five million .club names in the first five years.
What’s more, he has big hopes for the gTLD’s first week on the market.
“I firmly believe that .CLUB will exceed all other new generic top level domains in the first week of launch in registrations and overtake .GURU as the leader,” Campbell said in an email.
Donuts’ .guru has over 41,000 domains today and is adding 250-500 more per day. It could be around the 60,000 mark by the time .club hits registrar storefronts.
Campbell notes that all the new gTLDs to launch so far have been uncontested — .CLUB beat out two other applicants for .club in the first private auction last June.
He also reckons .club’s .com-level pricing will help sales — most of the new gTLDs launched to date are priced at over $20 a year.
I don’t doubt that .club will be a decent seller — it has lots of use cases — but five million names in five years still seems wildly ambitious to me.

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  1. Is this 5 million registrations on year 5 or is it 5 million registration/renewal units by year 5?

  2. Our expectation is that we will have 5 million names in 5 years (not number of years). Although, I don’t think you would shoot me for either scenario.
    I think the real key for us and any gTLD will be usage. Given the social nature of .CLUB it lends itself well to serve brand affinity programs, fan clubs, sports clubs, night clubs, college clubs, hobby clubs and so much more. All clubs have one thing in common —members and lots of them.
    If the public becomes comfortable with the name I have no doubt we can hit our targets – especially given the worldwide appeal of the name.
    Colin Campbell
    CEO, .CLUB
    P.S. For the record, I do like .GURU…I think it is a great name because it works with some many different categories as well.

  3. Paul Stahura says:

    I think .club is a great name too. I hope you surpass .guru and your target!

  4. Jonathan says:

    “5 million names in 5 years”
    That really comes across as a bit out there, here’s why.
    That’s more than .us and .biz combined, extensions that have been out there for many years and you can put most anything with them.
    You spoke of the social nature of .club, .me is pretty social as well, it’s at about 700,000 and they had the spotlight all to themselves
    .guru is over 40,000
    Really look at the numbers. I would be shocked if you did 5% of what you’re looking to get.

  5. Kassey says:

    Given the excellent team at .club, I’m watching with great interest. The launch may indicate how successful new gTLDs may be. On the DomainSherpa show, they said they could sell 300 to 400,000 .club domains within the week of GA.

  6. Not Com Tom says:

    .Club is priced to move. And they are hitting the niche marketing events. It should do very well.

  7. steve says:

    I think the whole thing is absurd and just bunk. First you have ICANN auction off the gtld , gee I guess they will get huge bonuses this year, the faggots.
    Then we have companies launching the gtld and hyping the hell out of it. Nobody else is branding or advertising any gtld.
    Everything starts out as pure hype, even Google. Then the wheels have to come up and you hope the thing flies. The odds are real low.
    Combine every domainer in the world and your still morons to me. I am trying to wrap all gtld’s into derivatives so I can be millions against you. If I can pull it off I will be a billionaire.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Homophobic remarks fall into the category of personal insults, which are against DI comments policy. Any more and you’re blacklisted.

  8. Brad says:

    “Given the social nature of .CLUB it lends itself well to serve brand affinity programs, fan clubs, sports clubs, night clubs, college clubs, hobby clubs and so much more.”
    Even beyond brand affinity programs, most of those examples require brands to buy into the system and get the names, which they have not done. A fan of a certain brand or team or college is not going to be able to register and keep BRAND.CLUB, at least not legally.

  9. Snoopy says:

    Time nearly up on this prediction and they’ll be lucky to even be above 1 million.
    Only way they are achieving growth now is by large 1-2 day spikes (e.g. 80k over the last 2-3 days) to try and make up for the losses.
    Presumably the are doing very cheap short term promotions somewhere to try to keep the total numbers from declining, China perhaps?

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