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Microsoft dumps .live gTLD bid

Kevin Murphy, April 24, 2014, 11:44:00 (UTC), Domain Registries

Microsoft has abandoned its application for the .live new gTLD, leaving the erstwhile dot-brand in the hands of either Donuts or Google.
I found this quite surprising initially, as “Live” has been a core, cross-platform brand for the company, covering services such as Windows Live, Xbox Live and Office Live. The company also owns
But it recent years the brand has started to be phased out.
While Xbox Live is still a thing, Windows Live was closed down in April 2013 and Office Live seems to have suffered a similar fate in 2012, after the new gTLD application phase ended.
The withdrawal means that the .live contention set now only comprises Google’s Charleston Road Registry and a Donuts subsidiary. It’s likely headed to ICANN auction.
Unlike Microsoft, both remaining applicants propose open-registration spaces.

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  1. But it is Microsoft that makes the word “Live” special.
    If they are phasing out the word, it eats a bit into its value.
    Here, Microsoft is essentially saying “it’s NOT worth it”.
    Now, say what you may about Microsoft, they do know a thing or two about internet…operating systems….browser… mobile… …email….games and so forth.

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