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Donuts snatches four new gTLDs at auction, beating Amazon to .video

Kevin Murphy, September 23, 2014, 09:52:41 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts has emerged the victor from four new gTLD auctions this week, getting its hands on .money, .video, .sale and .legal.
Notably, Uniregistry, Minds + Machines and Amazon have withdrawn from the .video race, leaving Donuts the winner.
.video was one of the gTLDs Amazon had originally applied for as a “closed generic” that it intended to keep for itself and its affiliates. Now, it will be an open generic under Donuts.
Donuts also won .sale against Uniregistry, Dot-Sale and Famous Four.
Minds + Machines withdrew its .sale application in April 2013, before even Initial Evaluation.
Colombian applicant Primer Nivel, affiliated with, withdrew its application for .legal, leaving Donuts the only remaining bidder, while Famous Four dropped out of the two-horse race for .money.
Meanwhile, dotCOOL has pulled its bid for .memorial, leaving applications from Afilias and Donuts still active. Presumably, one of these will withdraw later in the week.
As usual, winning bids have not been revealed.

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  1. I was wondering…
    On the topic of all these other
    Where can we find access to
    information on the actual domain names that are registered in each extension…
    Something similar to JustDropped New Registers but they only have the handful of
    basics like .com .net .org .info .biz .us .tv .mobi
    Is there a site or service that shows WHAT folks are REGISTERING… ??
    Thanks in advance …
    Post Response here or eMail it to Me domainbell at domainbell dot com

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