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.berlin zone drops off a cliff

Kevin Murphy, June 16, 2015, 11:39:03 (UTC), Domain Registries

The number of domains in the .berlin zone file appears to have stabilized after falling off a cliff late last week.
The new gTLD, which was an early leader in the space, peaked at 151,295 names on June 10.
It was down by 68,841 to 82,481 domains on June 12 and has been relatively flat, down by just a dozen or so domains per day, ever since.
A possible explanation for the decrease is the expiration of domains that were given away for free a year ago, but the dates don’t quite tally.
On June 16 2014, the zone file rocketed by over 67,000 names, most of which were registered via InternetX.
The promotion was yanked just a few days later, with the dotBerlin registry citing unexpectedly high demand.
One of dotBerlin’s registration policies requires .berlin names to be “put to use” within 12 months of registration, in such a way that demonstrates the nexus with the Berlin community.
Given that most of the free domains were registered by a handful of speculators, it seems unlikely that there’s been a whole lot of development of those names.

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