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SEO site toppled as most-popular new gTLD domain

Kevin Murphy, August 10, 2015, 16:18:14 (UTC), Domain Registries

There’s a new domain topping the charts as the most-visited new gTLD site.
A few days ago, replaced in the top spot, the first time the leading position has changed hands since DI PRO first started tracking daily Alexa scores in July 2014. appears to be a Japanese Korean wiki site dedicated to some kind of manga/anime thing. It was registered in April. is a Russian forum devoted to discussions of search engine optimization.
The Japanese Korean site has an Alexa rank of 1,875 today, compared to 1,994 for the SEO site. The highest score we’ve ever recorded for a new gTLD domain was 717.
Interestingly, only two of the site in the top 10 are in English. Two appear to be associated with spam.
The usual caveats about the reliability of Alexa data applies.

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  1. tony says:

    What about the browser game website
    Check the Alexa rank:

  2. Patrick says: appears to be a Korean site

  3. Rubens Kuhl says:

    A new contender for this spot is, website for the new Google holding company, Alphabet.

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