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Nokia considers new TLD application

Kevin Murphy, August 31, 2010, 20:40:04 (UTC), Domain Registries

Is Nokia planning to add its name to the list of “.brand” new top-level domain applicants?
That’s the intriguing possibility that emerged during a conference call of ICANN’s vertical integration working group yesterday.
Nokia working group representative Tero Mustala said, “our company is considering the possibilities to apply for a new gTLD”.
The revelation came as one of the disclosure statements that each participant was obliged to make, and should probably not be taken as an official company position.
As far as I know, this is the first time that the mobile phone giant has been connected to a new TLD bid. But is it a .brand? Unknown.
Nokia is an old hand at TLD applications, being among the over a dozen companies that financed the successful .mobi sponsored TLD application back in 2005.
In the 2000 “test-bed” round, it applied for .mas, .max, .mid, .mis, .mobi, .mobile, .now and .own but failed on technological grounds.
Under the new TLD application process, unsuccessful 2000 applicants get an $86,000 credit towards their new application, if they apply for the same string(s). That’s not an amount of money Nokia would care too much about, obviously.
There have been very few publicly disclosed .brand applications. Canon was the first and loudest. A couple of other companies, such as IBM, have been dropping hints.

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  1. Jim Fleming says:

    OK, fast-forward, companies pay $185,000 to be “broadcast” by out-dated legacy root servers.
    What is the % Reach of those root-servers ?
    Why will vISPs carry those TLDs ?
    The new DNS is very different from 1998.

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