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Donuts adds two millionth domain

Kevin Murphy, February 1, 2016, 12:01:45 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts today said that it has added its two millionth new domain name registration.
The domain in question was, the company said.
The number appears to refer to fresh registrations, not including renewals, across all of its TLDs.
Its first batch of gTLDs launched about two years ago.
The registry currently has 192 new gTLDs, 185 of which are in general availability, according to DI records, making the average haul about 10,000 names per TLD.
If we were talking $20 per registration (an estimate, as Donuts doesn’t publish its registry fees), the company would have made $40 million from new regs.
That’s not including its sunrise fees, renewals, or recurring premium-fee domains, of course.
It spent almost $57 million just on ICANN application fees.
It expects to wind up with about 200 by the time the current application round ends.
Its best performer to date is .guru, one of its first to launch, which has about 65,000 names in its zone file today and, according to Donuts, over 67,000 names in total.

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Comments (6)

  1. cowabunga says:

    NTLDSTATS.COM says differently, 413k differently.

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Domains expire, remember.

      • cowabunga says:

        id think someone would have noticed if 413k of their domains didn’t renew.
        1,586,498 (13.35%)
        TLDs: 191 (21.25%)
        Upcoming Deletes: 27,291 (1.72%)

        • Kevin Murphy says:

          If a single TLD lost 413,000 domains in one day, that would be news.
          But 147 TLDs losing that amount over the space of a year is not particularly exciting.

          • Donuts Inc. says:

            Our 2 million number encompasses all new adds since launch. ntldstats covers domains under management, which subtracts deletes.

          • does not include domains that are not in the registry’s zone file, but which have been registered (e.g. without nameservers).

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