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Rightside rejects Negari’s $5m new gTLD offer

Kevin Murphy, April 8, 2016, 19:32:50 (UTC), Domain Registries

Rightside has turned down Daniel Negari’s $5 million offer to acquire four of its new gTLDs, according to Negari.
The CEO told DI via email tonight:

I was looking forward to operating .Army, .Dance, .Dentist, and .Vet under the XYZ umbrella. I’m disappointed that Rightside didn’t entertain my offer, especially since I believe $5MM was more than fair. I believe these and other new TLDs are worth more to me than any other registry operator due to my growing enterprise. However, it’s understandable for Rightside to want to monetize on these assets.

Rightside has told him it had reviewed the offer and was not interested, he said.
The offer was made in a March 30 open letter to the company and Securities and Exchange Commission filing and expired last night, April 7.
There was some speculation about whether it was a genuine offer, just an attempt to boost Rightside’s share price, or both.
Negari and his COO, Mike Ambrose, own about 5% of Rightside between them, following an $8.5 million investment.
Rightside’s ability to grow revenue from its new gTLD portfolio has become the focus of attention due to the intervention of activist investor J Carlo Cannell of Cannell Capital, who reckons the company is paying too much attention to rubbish TLDs at the expense of its profitable registrar businesses.
Negari thinks he would be able to grow .army, .dance, .dentist, and .vet.
The largest of those gTLDs is .vet, with about 5,200 names in its zone file. It grew by 794 names in the last 90 days.
The other three are below 3,000 names, and are either shrinking or adding fewer than 10 names per day.’s second-tier portfolio strings, such as .college, .rent and .theatre, are faring a little better, at least in terms of growth. But they are a little younger, and none are over 10,000 names.

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Comments (3)

  1. Krishna says:

    “Negari thinks he would be able to grow .army, .dance, .dentist, and .vet.”
    Who will buy this shit? Negari, how long you do this kind of foolish marketing.

  2. Domain Kong says:

    grow and from 3000 to 10,000 or 20,000? big deal.
    this sounds more like a publicity stunt.
    I don’t think you’d ever hit 20,000 regs with .dance and maybe not with the others either.

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