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“Dave” becomes first .blog blogger

Kevin Murphy, August 19, 2016, 08:38:45 (UTC), Domain Registries

Blogging pioneer Dave Winer has become the first person to start blogging at a .blog domain name.
His new site,, went live yesterday as a beneficiary of registry Knock Knock Whois There’s pioneer program.
The site is one of two pioneer .blog domains — the other being — highlighted by KKWT yesterday in publicity connected to the opening of its sunrise period.
Winer is the author of Scripting News, which has been around since 1997, one of the first must-read tech blogs.
He also made major contributions to the format and popularity of RSS syndication technology.
He was an outspoken critic of Google, which had planned to use blog in a “closed generic” fashion, linked closely to its Blogger service, writing in 2012:

I played a role in establishing blogs. How does Google get the right to capture all the goodwill generated in the word blog?

Yesterday he expressed relief that the .blog auction was actually won by KKWT, a subsidiary of WordPress owner Automattic, writing:

I’m glad to say that my friend Matt Mullenweg and Automattic are consistent champions of user and developer freedom. That’s why they host .blog for all to use. They could have said “blog” == “wordpress” — many companies would have — but they didn’t. That’s very good! I wish more big tech companies had that philosophy.

Winer said he will use his self-developed blogging software on his new domain.
His allocation of is arguably bad news for blokey British cable TV station Dave and disgraced former prime minister David “Call Me Dave” Cameron.

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Comments (10)

  1. exists too.

  2. Christopher Ambler says:

    “I played a role in establishing blogs. How does Google get the right to capture all the goodwill generated in the word blog?”
    Gee, I dunno. I played THE role in creating .web, how does Verisign get the right to capture all the [everything] generated in that?

    • Kevin Murphy says:

      Did you play any part in creating HTML? Probably not really comparable otherwise.

      • Rubens Kuhl says:

        I reread the comment author name and it’s not Tim Berners-Lee…

        • Kevin Murphy says:

          Yeah, but it was the name of the guy who tried to steal the word “web” from the person who actually created it. Maybe that’s what he meant.

      • Christopher Ambler says:

        I was “blogging” on Usenet long before “blog” was a concept – if that’s the benchmark, then NOBODY gets to make these kinds of claims.
        I was doing web graphics serving with NAPLPS, long before HTML was a concept. I’d not try to claim that, either.
        Not really the kind of comparison that matters.

  3. I think .BLOG would rank amongst one of the most popular and successful newgTLDs released so far. Not popular by registration like the manipulated .XYZ or .TOP domains, but in terms of real end usage.
    To that effect, we have created a business plan and acquired rights to premium domain name, and now considering offers/partnerships from Startups and existing companies.
    All that being said, can’t wait for .BLOG to become open for general registration!

  4. YamadaMedia says:

    Nominet, .BLOG registry, is using a .blog.

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