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Is Ella Koon the hottest Go Daddy Girl yet?

Kevin Murphy, September 23, 2010, 17:37:10 (UTC), Domain Registrars

Ella Koon Go Daddy has added yet another spokesmodel to its small army of Go Daddy Girls.
Ella Koon is a Hong Kong-based singer/actress/model described by Go Daddy CEO Bob Parsons thus: “She’s smart, she’s talented and she knows how to leverage the Internet.”
Those are the three most important qualities in any woman, as I’m sure you’ll agree.
Koon’s primary responsibilities will be promoting the registrar’s brand specifically to the Asian market by looking pretty and wearing a tight T-shirt.

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Comments (3)

  1. Rob says:

    I bet shes good at leveraging online….

  2. chris says:

    Well, she is going up against Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels…. isn’t that being put in a foot race against Chris Farley and Andre the Giant?

  3. Wufuquan says:

    Good move for Asian market.

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