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After outcry, ICANNWiki to get ICANN funding next year

Kevin Murphy, May 23, 2018, 17:27:49 (UTC), Domain Policy

ICANNWiki will continue to get funding from its namesake, after community members complained about ICANN’s plan to abandon its $100,000 annual grant.
The independent wiki project will get $66,000 instead in the year beginning July 1, which will drop to $33,000 in ICANN’s fiscal 2020.
The funding will then disappear completely.
It’s a slight reprieve for ICANNWiki, which uses the money not only for its 6,000-article web site but also in-person outreach at events around the world.
The organization had complained about the plans to drop funding back in December, and fans of the site later called on ICANN to change its mind.
Supporters say the site fulfills a vital educational service to the ICANN community.
ICANNWiki also receives over $60,000 a year from corporate sponsors.
ICANN has also offered a reprieve to its Fellowship program in the new draft budget, reducing the number of people accepted into the program by fewer than expected.
It said in January it would slash the program in half, from 60 people per meeting to 30. That number will now drop to 45, at a cost of $151,000.
As discussed in this February article, the community has differing opinions about whether the program is an important way to on-board volunteers into ICANN’s esoteric world, or a way for freeloaders to vacation in exotic locations around the globe.

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  1. They do a great job and I am a serious fan but…isn’t it time to find a deal with the ICANN for a or something similar?

    • Snoopy says:

      ICANN shouldn’t be seen to be promoting or endorsing new tld domain names. A lot of ICANN’s current financial issues relate to the failure of the nTLD program.

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