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Donuts slashes prices on a million domains

Kevin Murphy, August 28, 2019, 13:54:09 (UTC), Domain Registries

Donuts is to overhaul the pricing on 1.1 million registry-reserved “premium” domain names, taking hundreds of thousands out of premium status altogether.
The company said today that it has decided to reduce the registration cost of 250,000 domains across its 242 new gTLDs. Discounts as deep as 90% are possible, judging by the company’s pricing page.
A further 850,000 will have their premium tag removed and return to regular pricing.
Part of the overhaul relates to the Rightside acquisition, which closed in 2017. While Rightside’s portfolio of TLDs was substantially smaller than Donuts’, it had been much more aggressive on its premium pricing.
For the domains being moved to standard pricing, Donuts will give it one last shot at squeezing a premium price out of them, however.
The company said that from September 5 to November 1 there will be a “pre-sales” event, during which registrants can pay the current premium fee for the first year on the understanding that they will renew at the standard pricing.
For example, currently commands a roughly $130-a-year registration fee at registrars. If you buy it during the pre-sales event you’ll pay $130 for the first year but only about $20 upon renewal.
Donuts says this unusual landrush-style event is designed to make the names more attractive to investors who want to get in before prices fall.
The full effect of the price changes takes effect November 5.
It’s worth noting that standard pricing at Donuts is actually going up across most TLDs, by as much as 9%, on October 1, so you may want to check what your actual renewal fee is before buying.
A searchable database of the newly priced inventory can be found here.

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Comments (7)

  1. Green Jobs says:

    Another sign of no demand.

  2. Mark Thorpe says:

    No demand, desperation, slight-of-hand and so on.

  3. Moris says:

    Would be nice if they took it off also from premium names that were bought early on.
    They wanted to have sales and we fell for it.. paying super crazy price with crazy renewal rates

    • Snoopy says:

      Just let the names drop, they are never going to do that and those stuck with “premium renewal” names with have domains that are even less sellable than in the past.

      • Matt says:

        Err, who are you talking to? Most of the fools who got into invest and didn’t think it through are out.
        Target buyers of these types of domain names are end users and renewals going up $5 and premiums going down a few hundred is great for that target customer.
        You have to see the wood for the trees Snoopy.

  4. Moris says:

    It would make sense for them to lower renewal rates, as us making a huge sale would be for their benefit showing that there is some demand for those names and also get them out-there to be used which in itself will bring more demand and more sales for them.
    These are thee best names they have.

  5. Matt says:

    This is great for new gTLDs. Eventually it would be nice for the industry to settle – this is a part of it, they were just priced too highly.
    It was a sign of (I believe) a reduction in demand at those prices. To make the leap that this is bad for new Gs is ridiculous.
    Did you ever take a look at the original premium pricing and the new prices? Although I still don’t recommend anyone invest in new Gs, and my belief is that they are an option for endusers, Donuts new pricing has made many of these domains attractive investments too!
    Perfect calculated move. Good job Donuts.

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