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US official Heineman joins GoDaddy

Kevin Murphy, November 5, 2019, 02:14:11 (UTC), Domain Policy

Former US government official Ashley Heineman has joined the staff of GoDaddy.
Heineman was until quite recently a policy specialist at the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration and the US representative on ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee.
But GoDaddy confirmed to DI today that she’s now left NTIA and joined the market-leading registrar.
I don’t know what her job title is yet. One assumes it’s related to policy or legal issues.
Heineman spent 15 years at NTIA and has been the ICANN GAC rep for the US for the last few years.
She’s had a respectably hands-on role, for a GACer, including being a member of the ongoing “EPDP” cross-community working group conducting a post-GDPR review of Whois policy.
Judging by my embarrassing error at the weekend, the US is currently being represented on the GAC by the NTIA’s Vernita Harris.
I’ve also heard rumors from ICANN 66 that another former NTIA official has also recently moved into the domain name industry. I’ll blog it up just as soon as I get confirmation.

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Comments (7)

  1. James Gannon says:

    A fantastic hire by GoDaddy!

  2. Theo Geurts says:

    I agree with James Gannon. And congrats Ashley.

  3. Interesting hire and a good addition to the Godaddy group. Congrats to all involved.

  4. Alan Woods says:

    Congratulations to Ashley. Always been a pleasure working with her, in her NTIA role. Here’s to hoping that she will continue to lend her valuable expertise to the betterment of the industry in her new role at GoDaddy, whatever that may be!

  5. Matt Serlin says:

    Enjoyed working with Ashley on the ePDP and she’ll be a great representative for GD and registrars in general!

  6. Great move by GoDaddy.

    • Rick Lamb says:

      ..and regardless of what you think of dnssec, the root deployment would not have happened without Ashley. Here is someone who knows how to make things happen.

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