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Verisign says its coronavirus fee waivers have saved businesses millions

Kevin Murphy, May 29, 2020, 16:52:01 (UTC), Domain Registries

Verisign has decided to extend the temporary fee waiver it introduced in April for another two months, declaring the scheme a success so far.

On April 2, the company said it would no longer charge a fee when a registrant restores a domain in the period between expiration and deletion. Many registrars passed this on to their customers.

The stated goal of the offer was to help out registrants laid low by coronavirus.

“We estimate these restore fee waivers have already saved several million dollars for registrants of all types, including hard hit small businesses,” Verisign said in a blog post yesterday.

The service typically retails for around $80, so we’re talking about tens of thousands of domains that have been restored post-expiration for free over the space of two months.

Now, Verisign says the offer, which had been due to expire at the start of June, will end on August 1.

The company added that it will also waive the restore fees for names in .cc, .tv, .name and its four IDN gTLDs effective June 1.

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Comments (3)

  1. DomainBoss says:

    Never trust a monopoly.

  2. Snoopy says:

    I did one recently with .org and was charged $50, money grubbing!

  3. ian says:

    it’s only a scheme to try and have people look anywhere but where they should be looking. at verisign’s continual bullying and monopolistic ways, throwing $40 million kickbacks to ICANN for favors allowing verisign to print unfathomable amounts of money through “taxes” on the internet. it’s a truly disgusting business. this is a monopolist regulating itself by means of totally infiltrating the organization that oversees it. don’t believe me, just start to ask “whos who” inside ICANN. Most people who make the backdoor deals are all sweathearts to verisign! super sickening what is going on at the root of the Internet!! And that icann just turns a blind eye, even enables this. even more, they are co-conspirators to restrain trade on this wonderful thing called “the internet”. How – HOW – is this possible, legal, and not challenged yet? Soon enough, it will all come crumbling down….

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