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Cahn says .hiphop premiums could show up at auction next month

Kevin Murphy, January 26, 2022, 07:44:36 (UTC), Domain Sales

“Premium” .hiphop domains could show up at auction next month, according to RightOfTheDot.

The company is planning a “digital asset auction” for February 24 and boss Monte Cahn said in a press release “you may also see some .hiphop premium reserve names as well as some other premium TLDs.”

Cahn is a partner in Dot Hip Hop, along with JJN Consulting and DigitalAMN, the new company currently battling ICANN bureaucracy for the right to have UNR’s .hiphop registry contract reassigned.

Along with 22 other UNR buyers, DHH is waiting for ICANN approval of its purchase. ICANN is wary and/or confused by UNR’s representations about matching blockchain alt-root TLDs that accompanied the sales.

The company plans to lower the cost of .hiphop names to bring them to a wider audience.

DHH filed a Request for Reconsideration with ICANN recently, to speed up a process that has so far taken almost six months, but withdrew it when it became clear it had merely triggered another time-consuming bureaucratic process.

ROTD was formed to coordinate gTLD auctions, but is perhaps better known nowadays for selling left-of-the-dot domains, such as at its annual NamesCon conference live auctions.

The company is currently seeking lots for its February 24 auction, including high-value domains and NFTs. The deadline for submissions is February 17.

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  1. Jeff Neuman says:

    Just to clarify, the “company” referred to in the last paragraph is Right of the Dot (Not Dot Hip Hop, LLC (DHH)). The domain names and the NFTs scheduled for auction do not involve DHH or .hiphop domain names (unless an existing registrant of .hiphop submits its domain name to the auction).

    Wanted to clarify this immediately, becuase DHH is still waiting for approval for the assignment of .hiphop by ICANN. Although we anticipate approval shortly, until that happens, DHH is not in a position to auction reserved .hiphop names.

    Jeff Neuman

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