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Microsoft seizes domains Russia was using to attack Ukraine

Kevin Murphy, April 11, 2022, 13:55:25 (UTC), Domain Policy

Microsoft says it has taken control of some domain names that we being using by hackers connected to the Russian security services to launch cyber attacks against Ukrainian, US and EU targets.

Company VP Tom Burt wrote that seven domains used by a group called Strontium were seized via a US court order and redirected to a Microsoft sinkhole, disrupting these attacks.

Burt wrote that the targets were Ukrainian media organizations and US and EU foreign policy think tanks, adding:

We believe Strontium was attempting to establish long-term access to the systems of its targets, provide tactical support for the physical invasion and exfiltrate sensitive information.

One wonders why Russia would use domains under US jurisdiction to conduct such attacks.

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  1. Russia is supported by the Republican Party so they were probably hoping to find similar friends at Microsoft to turn a blind eye.

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