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Kiwi Farms domain lands at Epik

Kevin Murphy, September 6, 2022, 17:01:52 (UTC), Domain Registrars

The primary domain for the controversial web forum Kiwi Farms, kicked out by Cloudfare at the weekend, has been transferred to Epik.

Whois records show the domain landed at Epik in the last hour or so. It’s still using Cloudflare’s name servers at the time of writing, so it’s still resolving to a “blocked” message from its old registrar.

Cloudflare blocked the name, reluctantly, on Saturday, citing “an imminent and emergency threat to human life”, believed to refer to a transgender activist and Twitch streamer targeted for death threats by Kiwi Farms users.

The site, whose users reportedly bully, doxx and swat trans people, has been linked to three suicides since it was launched in 2013.

The question for Epik and its new CEO now is whether they let the domain stay under its roof, or whether the same concerns cited by Cloudflare make it too toxic to touch.

UPDATE 1724 UTC: Not long after this post was published, the domain started using Epik’s name servers.

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Comments (10)

  1. Brad Diddit says:

    So let me understand… the literal very first work day since announcing the new CEO… “coincidentally”, a hotbed of past hate (that Cloudflare NEVER had a problem supporting), suddenly arrives at Epik’s door. Queue the activists, the outrage, the violence, the national press. This looks as orchestrated as it gets. Pretty sad but typical template against Epik. Cloudflare gets no heat for literally years with this cesspool, then the clowns and finger pointers will all be out en masse. Got to love America’s political galvanization of their hate base. Hypocrisy to new limits. Giddy up virtue signalers! Go tear down the small businesses so a handful of corporate elites can rule all of the messaging you consume in the future.

  2. Free Speech Advocate says:

    A sad day for the internet, and a sad day for free and open speech. KiwiFarms is harmless.

    The internet has changed so much the last 8 years, and for the worse. Its basically getting to be like Cable TV.

    • Bill Sweetman says:

      Kiwi Farms is harmless? Clara Sorrenti would disagree with that.

      “Clara Sorrenti, a trans activist who was forced to flee her home in Canada after users of a hate-filled website called Kiwi Farms targeted her…”


      • Clara is full of fertilizer, as trans activists tend to be in general. Yes, I said that. Yes, I meant it, and why wouldn’t I? We’re talking about members of a community that has built its entire identity around a shared mental illness.

        I’ve been to KiwiFarms, many times before, and saw none of the wild, violent things alleged. What I did see, repeatedly, was people calmly telling true stories about irrational behavior that frequently really did qualify as harassment, much of it coming from people in the Trans community. Those true stories were documented with links and screen captures, and they often didn’t make that community look good, at all.

        I’m not surprised to hear that Trans advocates would be unhappy about the content of that board, and not even a little bit startled to discover that they’d resort to the telling of bald faced lies in order to get inconvenient content censored. I’m not new to the Internet, and I’ve seen people whip up hysteria in order to get what they want, before. I’ve seen them do so, repeatedly, and why wouldn’t I? If they win, they get what they want. If they lose and get caught in a lie, at best the content they want to censor stays up, but there would seem to be no real consequences for their shady behavior.

        We’re talking about a community in which boys claim to have been “persecuted” because others didn’t believe that they were girls, and girls claim to have been persecuted because others knew it. This isn’t a genuine liberation movement, this is self-indulgent lunacy, and lunatics will say and do crazy things.

        Sane people have to have the freedom to freely talk about that, even if a few unstable people should have meltdowns as they do so. The alternative is unthinkable.

        • Peffals says:

          That k you for your words you’re 100% right. That trans whatever has created its own controversy and is using it to stop free speech.

        • Amelia says:

          Absolutely agree. I too have visited KF many times – never saw an ounce of harrassment, just documented relation of incidents involving people behaving in ways which really should be stopped, often is illegal, and generally anti-social; said people then claiming victimhood as loudly as you can imagine. Authorities who should know better either looking the other way or illegally supporting the perpetrators. Those are the stories KF like to document, and those are the stories the alleged ‘victims’ like to spin. No wonder they clamoured to get the site shut down.

          Shame on Cloudflare for acceding.

      • reset jones says:

        I would strongly advise you to please do some actual research on this ‘activist’ instead of just regurgitating links at everyone who voices disagreement, thanks.

      • They Live says:

        Very unfortunate that there are so many like you who uncritically accept what they read in the paper.

        Kiwifarms is problematic, but the mob going after is problematic as well.

  3. Omoikane says:

    The internet has currently reached the stagnation/decline phase of its life cycle. People can’t create new things, they can only destroy things that they don’t like.

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