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Recent Posts crashes after Tucson shooting

Kevin Murphy, January 12, 2011, 16:49:34 (UTC), Domain Services

A gun blogger had his web site crash shortly after Saturday’s bloodbath in Tucson, Arizona, because he owns the domain name
To be clear, the domain has nothing to do with the failed assassination attempt on Rep Giffords. The blogger just likes shooting and he’s based in Tucson. He’s owned the domain since 2002.
In this video, he explains what happened to his site after the massacre, which killed six people.

The domain is the first hit in Google when you search for [tucson shooting], testifying to the power of a good SEO domain. It redirects to
The blogger notes:

Who in their right mind would think there’d be someone so opportunistic to capitalize on a tragedy like this by putting up a domain either ahead of time or so quickly?

Clearly, he hasn’t met many domainers.

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  1. domain guy says:

    well the reason the domain is number on google is one facet of googles algorhythem is serps and there are many hits so its zooms to the top. i had this happen 10 yrs ago. when the hits die down the site will fall back in googles search.
    now on to something more important yes people will capitalize on this and many other tradagies and who is capitalizing on this is the tea party…you do not hear one world from fox or the tea party on this.that is why this site is important and a forum,videos and commetary is required. the tea party is raising big big money on this issure.and a counter point is required…this site with its natural traffic could be a
    counterpoint with its commetary…you will get many commets.oh and by the way godaddy holds a patent on registering domains after a news story becomes the site needs to be up running,videos,commetary ,threads and connected to all other related events…ie the shoootings on the east coast….you are now a media company courtesy of kevin ham…he went to harvard to figure this now you have your mission.

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