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Two-horse race for ICANN board seat

Kevin Murphy, April 24, 2011, 18:49:34 (UTC), Domain Policy

A seat on ICANN’s board of directors opens up in June, and two people have been nominated to fill it.
Avri Doria and Bill Graham will face a ballot to see who will replace Rita Rodin Johnson, whose term expires at the end of ICANN’s Singapore meeting, June 24.
It’s not an open ballot, of course. The seat is designated to be occupied by a member of ICANN’s Generic Names Supporting Organization’s Non-Contracted Parties House.
That’s basically the half of the GNSO policy-making body made up of representatives of organizations that are not domain name registrars or registries — they have no contracts with ICANN.
Doria works at a Swedish university. She sits in the Non-Commercial Stakeholders Group, and is a former chair of the GNSO Council.
Graham was once Canada’s representative on and vice-chair of ICANN’s Governmental Advisory Committee, and is now head of strategic global engagement at the Internet Society.
Only 13 members of the NCPH get to vote. Whichever candidate receives eight votes or more, wins.

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