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Over 1 million .mobi domains registered

Kevin Murphy, April 29, 2011, 14:40:23 (UTC), Domain Registries

The .mobi top-level domain now reportedly has more than a million registered domains.
HosterStats, which tracks the size of TLD zone files, reported today that .mobi currently has 1,002,232 domains.
This would make it only the sixth gTLD to break into seven figures, the third if you only include gTLDs created by ICANN.
The .mobi domain was approved in 2005 and launched by the registry, mTLD, in 2006. The company was acquired by Afilias in February 2010.
It would be far too pedantic to point out that Afilias still has over 5,000 .mobi domains reserved for auction, which would bring the total below a million, so I won’t.
In other news, .CO Internet has had to deny that the .co namespace has also broken through one million registrations, following reports to the contrary.
Barring a sudden spike in demand for .co domains, I’d guess that’s unlikely to happen until the second half of the year.

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Comments (9)

  1. chandan says:

    where we can get the zone file listings for .mobi ?

  2. Mike Grant says:

    This reminds me, Enom sent me an email saying they had charged me $10 for something I did NOT order called “goMobi” and had billed me $10 for it. Check your enom account and bet they have charged you as well !.

  3. John says:

    .TEL is lot better suited for mobile devices than
    any other extension.
    .mobi does not have any different features then
    .info .org .org ……………

  4. Jimmery says:

    .mobi is poised for a massive comeback. Some people are missing this trend however watch it develop. Could overtake .com eventually.

  5. Michael says:

    I feel like I was misled when I purchased over 100 .MOBIs, as I was told that .MOBI would be the standard search extension on smartphones and cellphones. Now that smartphones can display content without being formatted for mobile sites, I don’t see the value. Am I missing something.

  6. Safe Toys says:

    .tel can’t really be used for a website, just a limited page.
    .mobi can be used for anything now, there are no restrictions on it. Michael, you are right originally they sold this as being a domain required to show at least some mobile content, but then the founders lost a lot of money on mobi and sold, or gave, the Dotmobi company to Afilias.
    There has been virtually no mobi domain aftermarket for several years, and if these domains are just used as supplementary markers for mobile versions of existing sites, they probably will never have resale value.

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