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Cute infographic shows contents of the root

Kevin Murphy, May 3, 2011, 12:26:11 (UTC), Domain Registries

This ICANN infographic is a nice way to easily visualize all of the currently live and approved top-level domains on the internet.
TLDs graphic
(click to enlarge)
Accurate as of April 19, it breaks down the 307 extant TLDs into categories such as gTLDs, ccTLDs and IDNs, highlighting some metrics you may not be aware of.
Did you know for example that there are seven pre-approved ccTLDs that have not yet been delegated to a registry? Or that three ccTLDs belong to countries that officially no longer exist?
The graphic is culled from ICANN’s rather excellent fiscal 2012 Security, Stability & Resiliency Framework, which was published last night.
The report spells out in fairly accessible terms just what ICANN is responsible for in terms of security — and what it is not — and how the organization is structured.

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